Dental implants instead of removable dentures


In today’s dentistry, implantology is indispensable. We do not replace teeth with dentures that are anchored to adjacent teeth, but replace each tooth as nature created them. It is possible to avoid having removable dentures and there is no need to weaken healthy adjacent teeth with unnecessary grinding.

We will give you back your chewing power, along with your beautiful smile.

Caring for patients with implants consists of two parts: the surgical implantation procedure and the provision of prosthetic implants, which ultimately means the provision of implants along with dentures. When planning to fit implants, a detailed medical history, as well as an overall view of the dentition, is therefore essential. Risks and complications can therefore be minimised and a precise sequence of dental care can be planned. Only then can we guarantee the implants’ durability.

We will gladly advise you on this subject and show you digital animations, so that you can better visualise the treatment procedure and end result.


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Implant insertion (surgical procedure)

Inserting an abutment (tooth stump replacement)

Fitted abutment

Crown fitted over the implant