Melanie Grüning

I have been working as a dentist in Berlin since 2011. The combination of dental expertise and manual work has fascinated me since I started studying dentistry. It is important to me to give you an individual and honest overview of your teeth and also a result-oriented treatment with well-tried materials and modern technical equipment in a pleasant atmosphere and in collaboration with a great team. Continuous education is just as important to me.

Furthermore, I am currently working on my doctor thesis at Charité Berlin. My main areas of expertise are aesthetic dentistry, root canal treatments (endodontics) and straightening your teeth with Invisalign Go.

I am very happy to be able to support the dental office Breitenbachplatz since September 2019 and to achieve long-term health for your teeth. I am really looking forward to welcoming you in our dental office – with a smile!

Jakob Stürzenberger

After finishing 3 years of training to become a dental technician in the Schwarzwald area, I moved to Northern Germany to study Dentistry at the Christian-Albrechts-University in the city of Kiel.

In the 4 years following after, I stayed in Kiel to practice dentistry for the University Hospital, specializing in prosthetic dentistry whilst teaching and doing research.

Since moving back to my home town Berlin I had the opportunity to gain a lot of experience by working in different top-level dental practices.To produce quality work in a precise and self-demanding fashion which ultimately reflects in the satisfaction of my clients is what drives me.

Therefore you may expect to be offered clear information about treatment options with respect to your individual preferences and needs and you will be able to choose from a broad spectrum of state of the art prosthetic and aesthetic dentistry and oral surgery procedures.

I am looking forward to be able to assist you in your decisions and see you in our office at the Breitenbachplatz in Berlin-Steglitz

Luisa Damm

My name is Luisa Damm and I look forward to joining the dental practice at Breitenbachplatz from January 2022.

You are the focus of every appointment – I take the time for a detailed consultation, in which I explain various therapy options if there is a need for treatment and answer your questions. Together we will create an individual therapy concept for you and your teeth.

Thanks to the modern digital technology in the practice and our own progressively equipped dental laboratory, we have the optimal conditions for high-quality treatment.

My claim: The highest dental quality with a sustainable, successful treatment result. Your well-being has priority and so I make it my business to offer you painless treatment in a pleasant atmosphere.

Success comes from satisfaction and the best reward is happy patients.

Diana Wald

Dear patients, my name is Diana Wald and I am very pleased to welcome you to the Breitenbachplatz dental practice from April 2023 onwards.

I successfully completed my studies at the Charité in 2009 and then worked as an assistant dentist in Berlin, gaining experience in a wide variety of areas of dentistry. I then worked for a long time at the Charité – University of Medicine as an assistant professor, where I discovered my preference for aesthetic dentistry and root canal treatments (endodontology). In my last practice I hence focused on endodontology under the operating microscope. In addition to my precise work, it is important to me that you experience a painless and pleasant treatment. A root canal treatment does not have to be unpleasant – some of my patients even fall asleep during it!

I work along a structured treatment concept with one goal: to keep your teeth healthy and aesthetically beautiful for a lifetime. Structured and consistent preventive care is the prerequisite for this. If further treatment is necessary, I offer you this on the latest scientific basis and discuss it with you in detail and in a comprehensible way – until the best individual option is found together. During dental treatment, the protection of healthy tooth structure is always my top priority. After completion of the treatment, a permanent supportive therapy secures the treatment result – for tooth preservation for a lifetime. My goal is that you enjoy coming for preventive care and treatment and leave the treatment room satisfied and optimally cared for – thanks to experience, state-of-the-art materials and technology.

Dr. Alina Schröder

With 12 years’ professional experience at two of Berlin’s ambitious dental practices and my own research at the Charité behind me, I felt it was time for me to make my idea of a modern, quality-oriented and empathetic dental practice a reality.

My main fields of activity are aesthetic dentistry and high end dental prosthetics . For me, it is particularly important in the context of modern dentistry that the patient’s dental health is considered holistically and that the treatment is tailored to their individual needs. In addition to modern treatment methods and the use of state-of-the-art technology, continuous and professional support is equally brought to the fore.

Patients I have looked after for many years know that I have a particular idea of what dental treatment should be. For me, empathy and job satisfaction are as much a part of the dental treatment process as modern dentistry and high-quality methods.

My experienced team and I are committed to this philosophy. Empathy is very important to us. We take the time to ease your fears or concerns and offer in-depth advice. We always welcome you with a smile.


Nina Sterczyk

Dental Prophylaxis Assistant (professional teeth cleaning,whitening)

Nicole Fromberg (geb. Trauer)

Dental Prophylaxis Assistant (professional teeth cleaning,whitening)

Deniz Tekin

Dental Prophylaxis Assistant (professional teeth cleaning,whitening)

Jacqueline Tanasic


Maria Augusto


Jeanine Kowsky

Dental Assistant, Treatment Assistant

Christina Schulte

Dental Assistant, Treatment Assistant, Hygiene Officer
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Janis Fritz

Dental Assistant, Treatment Assistant

Daniele Quast

Dental Assistant, Treatment Assistant

Zoe Brüning

Dental Assistant, Treatment Assistant

Alexandra Tworek

Student, Treatment Assistant

Alissah Hofman


Lennart Wegener


Duygu Ertürk


Jessica Kibelka

Dental Technician

Thomas Kurowski

Dental Technician

Evelyn Maiwald

Dental Practice Administrator (practice management, billing)

Heike Bendig

Dental Practice Administrator (practice management, billing)

Dipl.- Kfm. Dr. Martin Schröder

Managing Director (commercial management)