Professional dental cleaning


With a regular prophylaxis treatment = professional teeth cleaning, patients can reduce their susceptibility to develop caries and prevent periodontal disease. Nobody has to give in to genetic dispositions today and the statement “you just have bad teeth” should be a thing of the past. Even if you have a high susceptibility for caries or periodontitis, you don’t have to resign yourself to fate. We take action – prevention is better than cure.

As a patient, you can do a lot for your oral health – with self care at home, but also with regular prophylaxis. In this process, tartar, plaque and concrements are carefully removed and the teeth are polished. This means tooth decay can be prevented, gingivitis can be treated and periodontal disease can be impeded. Our team of prophylactic assistants and dental hygienists will welcome you in a pleasant atmosphere while taking care of your health.

Appointments are available from 7.30 am till 7.30pm.


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Biofilm and plaque adhere to the enamel

All tartar and plaque is removed during a professional dental cleaning treatment