Root canal treatment with the latest technology


Should root canal work be necessary for you, we will make sure the treatment you receive is painless. We work with state-of-the-art technology, automated treatment techniques and electronic length measurement equipment. This alone can guarantee that your root canals will stay free of bacteria. We strive to help you keep your natural teeth, using the latest endodontic treatment methods.

With this technique, teeth that used to be considered unsustainable can be preserved for a long time. The field of endodontics has undergone tremendous advancements in recent years and, as a patient, you will benefit from this.

Of course, we also offer this for teeth that have already undergone repeated root canal treatments. As part of the check-up, any root fillings that are leaking or too small are removed and replaced by dense new ones that are sufficiently long. Leaky root canal treatments can cause chronic inflammation in the bones, which is not necessarily perceived by the patient as a result of pain, but can have a negative effect on the body. Loss of energy, susceptibility to infection and general malaise can also be triggered by poor root fillings.

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Automated preparation of the root canals with Reciproc

Hygienic removal of tissue residue in the root canal