How does oral health relate to a good immune system?

Patients with chronic diseases belong to a high-risk group according to viral and bacterial infections. In this context most people think about general diseases, but there are many oral infections that can keep our immune system occupied and debilitate the immune system as a result.

Often infections of the oral system are not mentioned by the patient due to the fact that they usually are not painful.

The parodontitis is a chronic inflammation of the bone in the oral system which often is not noticed by the patient. Every patient would let the same size of an infection of the skin surface be treated immediatly because this infection is visible. But the parodontitis is not visible.

If the infection remains undetected it presents a stress for the immune system and the immune system is kept busy by managing the infection. If there are any other infections for example a little cold the infections of the oral system can light up, cause pain or the immune system is not able to fight the cold. Therefore it is very important to medicate these inflammations to reduce the stress of the immune system.

What can we do to detect these inflammations of the oral system as early as possible?

We can detect inflammations of the oral system best if we do check ups regularly and if needed do X-rays. In addition to the check-ups it is important to come to the professional tooth cleaning on a regular basis to prevent inflammations and medicate present inflammations.

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