Paediatric dentist

Anxiety-free treatment through technology and trust

Having healthy teeth in childhood is the foundation for lifelong dental health. Parents often turn to us because they have had bad experiences with the dentist as a child and want to avoid this with their little ones. We make your child’s visit to our practice a pleasant experience. We provide games and child-friendly entertainment in the waiting room. The child-friendly and exciting atmosphere of our children’s treatment room makes little ones feel welcome and at ease. We dispense with a “normal” treatment chair and have a special kids’ couch: the treatment unit is like the paediatrician’s couch. The dental tools are also hidden away, so the children can get to know us before the treatment commences.

Incidentally, statutory health insurance companies cover two routine check-ups per year. With this little cleaning procedure, the children get to know us better and we can build trust. When treatment is necessary, we do it as a team with a lot of empathy. Children can even watch their favourite film on the ceiling screen.

If your child has had a bad experience previously, we can also use laughing gas during the procedure. In comparison to sedation or general anaesthetic, this procedure is free of complications.

The treatment of children under general anaesthetic has become common practice in recent years. We prefer not to take this approach, because general anaesthetic can lead to health problems in children, so the pros and cons must be weighed carefully. When it comes to your child’s health, using anaesthetics should always be the very last resort.

Our mission is to treat our little patients in an anxiety-free environment.


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