Bleaching (teeth whitening) in Berlin


We achieve the first effect of lighter teeth with a professional dental cleaning treatment. Sometimes, however, this is not enough if our teeth have absorbed pigments that have penetrated into them in the course of life. Some people just have naturally darker teeth. But we can help you with this, too. Our on-site whitening treatment gives you a radiant and dazzling Hollywood smile in just one session.

It cannot be emphasized often enough that bleaching is not just a cosmetic procedure. There are lots of different manufacturers of bleaching products, each using varying concentrations of bleaching substance. Here, the saying “the more the merrier” doesn’t apply. Rather, it is with the least aggressive product that a perfect result can be achieved. It is also particularly important to have a detailed medical history, as well as clinical examinations and a consultation that is tailored to your needs. Whitening substances that are not suitable for you, or are too aggressive, can lead to excessive sensitivity and damage to the tooth necks.

We are happy to advise you on the right bleaching system for you and we look after you before and after the bleaching treatment, so that you have radiantly beautiful teeth for a long time.



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