Dental aesthetics: the Hollywood smile


Radiantly beautiful teeth are what many of our patients wish for. Our smile is especially important when making our first impression on someone. Beautiful, sparkling teeth are a symbol of youth and health.

The first step to a Hollywood smile is always dental cleaning. The build-up of discolouration and plaque is removed, making your teeth appear more radiant. With freshly-polished teeth after a prophylaxis treatment, you’ll feel great.

Unsightly fillings and crown margins can be replaced by ceramic or composite fillings. The end result is a natural and healthy-looking tooth. There are no rough edges or unsightly transitions. So no impurities can form there and no visible lines will appear.

If you are dissatisfied with the colour of your teeth, we can whiten them with our bleaching treatment. Many patients think that new crowns need to match the colour of their teeth. But why not lighten your own teeth beforehand? Especially for older patients, this is a wonderful way to make their own teeth as white as the new dentures.

Today, we can also correct badly-positioned teeth whatever your age. A transparent splint can adjust and straighten teeth in a very short space of time. This also makes it possible to correct the teeth of adults who are in the midst of working life and do not want to wear visible braces.


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